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Post LOE acceleration

Following Loss of Exclusivity many brands have proven to continue to be successful. Although (multiple) competitors are on the market, with a focused marketing strategy multiple opportunities are still available. Seamlessly integrating focused value creators in brand value strategy with the capacity to plan for growth and revenue retention are key to continue to maintain profitability.

DIGITAL Toolboxes


Availability of the right value creators to differentiate from the competition in the right market is viewed as a complex process, especially at a global and regional level. Such process, is often resource intensive as not many validated playbooks exist. Many times we see trends of “Reinventing the wheel“ across markets and/or a trend to reduce regional and global commercial leadership to a low point.

Our clear and systematic processes and digital platform help to streamline the cross functional thinking and reduce the process burden, both at a segment, market, regional and global level resulting in better use of resources and a proven better ROI.

Post LOE acceleration

Toolbox 1: Brand Growth acceleration in competitive markets

Post LOE multiple brands still remain multiple opportunities to grow. This toolbox is an innovative and validated approach to determine across markets and functions opportunities to grow coverage per market segment. Based on multiple product and market characteristics of comparable brands in competitive markets, the value is determined of the different types of value creators which can enhance the market position.

This toolbox contributes substantially to specific value creation and further market expansion in highly competitive markets.


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