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What we do  

The importance of getting the right value creation across the product life cycle at the right time has never been greater in biopharma now the costs of developing, launching and commercialisation of drugs are growing. Especially when new therapies target smaller patient populations and competition and payer influence continues to increase.

As a collaborator, facilitator, and co-creator Launch & Lifecycle supports biopharma and medical devices companies to ensure sustainable access for medicines, medical devices and/or combinations. We partner to diagnose the value creation opportunities, design impactful value based solutions, and deliver results.

Launch & LifeCycle has readily available a Digital Platform and Agile Methodology to focus new product development, accelerate launches and unlock additional growth potential.

Digital Platform

To accelerate cross functional and cross market intake and alignment in the pharma industry.


Agile Methodology

To prioritize and localize effective and efficient to deliver immediate results.


E2E Value Creation

To have your value creators available at the right time in the right markets to act upon market dynamics in healthcare markets.

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Digital Platform & Agile Methodology to accumulate all available inputs across functions and markets to process effective in tangible results.

We accelerate in the life science industry the cross functional teams to deliver efficient and proactive the E2E New Product Planning, Launch and LCM strategies, tactics and value creation.

We support you throughout the life cycle to make it happen that all key opportunities are timely available for each key market.

Launch& Lifecycle has readily available a DIGITAL PLATFORM and AGILE METHODOLOGIES  to accelerate the identification of the strategic direction and the operational prioritites. We work globally and/or for specific markets across the Lifecycle.


New Product Planning

Lifecycle management starts with solid product (portfolio) strategy development, design and implementation to have the right stakes in the ground to take off.

Launch readiness

Cross-functional E2E Launch Excellence accelerates the launch of products, line extensions and value creators from clinical research up till launch after-care.

Lifecycle management

E2E Leadership to unlock growth in choosing the best forms of value creation throughout the lifecycle to sustain efficient and effective growth across the entire product lifecycle.

Agile methodology: completion in 3 months

Delivering Lifecycle leadership in a consistent and transparent manner

Our Agile Methodology and Digital Platform accelerates the Launch & Lifecycle processes. .