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Launch readiness

At the moment of regulatory and/or price approval the markets want to receive as quick as possible physical product to distribute to pharmacies and patients. Time to market is key !

Digital Toolboxes


At Launch, the physical availability of the product including the ‘must have’ value creators is key. Sometimes the product can be available at risk upon approval, but often amendments or additions in the Patient Information Leaflet or packaging materials are required. For most markets, this information only comes available at the moment of approval.

A specific part of the digital platform is a toolbox, which is developed to plan for physical product launch and value creators per market as close as possible after regulatory and/or price approvals are obtained.

Launch readiness

Toolbox 1: Launch Value Creation

This innovative, validated toolbox helps to strenghthen the Launch strategy (incl. TPP) and determines the ‘must have’ value creators for launch. This digital toolbox combines the market landscape, product characteristics and company capabilities to define the total set of value creators at launch per market. Beneficial is the determination which markets share which value creators to increase execution efficiency.

Launch readiness

Toolbox 2: Product Launch readiness assessment

The Product Launch readiness assessment toolbox pressure-tests the existing product launch readiness plan for risks, gaps and/or provide recommendations on timelines and/or estimated budget. We leverage our best practices and benchmarking data and highlight interdependencies and priorities aligning to the launch strategy.

This toolbox supports the cross functional Product Development and Asset teams (and leaders) to quickly understand prioritization of next steps.

Launch readiness

Toolbox 3: Product arrival acceleration at approval

Upon regulatory and often price approval, the time to real product market launch can be a complicated process as artwork and printing needs to be amended to the latest inputs. Combined with manufacturing, (new) processes and IT system flows the actual launch might take more days than expected.

This specific Digital toolbox is developed to plan for physical product launch per market  as close as possible after regulatory and/or price approvals are obtained, and without losing valuable days.


Commercial launch readiness: Rare disease product

Product Launch readiness: ‘New’ asset, 1 year to launch