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Line extensions

When an organization introduces a new product that is a new version or an enhancement of an existing product, this  can include such features as varying dosage forms, digital opportunities, delivery mechanisms and indications.

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Line extensions require timely planning as often substantial clinical research may be involved. Also Line Extensions may not distract from current commercialization strategy and operations. Last but not least, assurance should be derived for profitability in specific markets or market segments.

Systematic cross functional analysis of the opportunities versus profitability reduces the development burden, resulting in better use of resources and a proven better ROI. Often the question arises if a product innovation should be launched as a line extension or can be better positioned as a new product.

Often we see line extensions developed which are difficult to translate to financial benefits, due to –to mention a few examples-   limitations given by the payers (e.g. additional rebates), unproven additional adherence by the patients, IP challenges or lack of opportunity to communicate the value to the prescriber.

Line extensions

Toolbox 1: Line Extension Definer

After Launch, opportunities might arise for line extensions. Multiple examples are known, where the pharmaceutical form, indication, delivery mechanism and/or strength is changed to improve the product or its use for patients and HCP’s.

This innovative toolbox allows applying cross functional and per market (segment) answers to the key questions to select the best appropriate line extensions.

The analysis will lead to a clear definition and prioritization of  the opportunities, determination of  the value proposition for specific prioritized market segments and versus upcoming competition and input on timelines and Target Product Profile.

Line extensions

Toolbox 2: Line Extension Launch readiness

The Product Launch readiness of line extensions is often underestimated. This toolbox pressure-tests the line extension launch readiness plan for risks and gaps. We leverage our best practices and benchmarking data and highlight interdependencies and priorities aligning to the line extension launch strategy.

This toolbox supports the cross functional Product Development and Asset teams (and leaders) to quickly understand prioritization of next steps to reduce time to market upon regulatory approval.

Line extensions

Toolbox 3: DP and SKU conversion

When implementing a line extension, conversion from one form to the other requires focused planning to maintain an optimal DP and SKU set up.

This digital toolbox accelerates the cross functional and cross market alignment to determine the most optimal DP and SKU set up at global and market level in fast changing market circumstances without missing out on any opportunities.


Line extension: 4 years pre-LOE

Line extension: 5-7 years pre-LOE