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The Agile Methodology

The Agile Methodology in combination with our Digital Platform helps your product development, commercial and asset teams to accelerate and prioritize.

From New Product Planning via Launch preparation to growth and LoE value creation, making the right value creation decisions at the right moment for the right markets is key to maximize product performance across the entire product lifecycle. The combination of  Methodology and Digital Platform enables fast cross-functional and market identification of the best strategies to initiate the opportunities at the right moment.

  • Standardized, validated Digital platform to accelerate cross functional and cross market information generation
  • Detailed Agile Methodology developed to accelerate Launch & Lifecycle planning
  • Proven Digital Platform for prioritization of value creators across the product lifecycle
  • Adaptable to the global and local lifecycle stages and individual market needs
Step 1/5
Step 2/5
Step 3/5
Step 4/5
Step 5/5
This stage comprises out of 3 steps. First the analysis of internal available information, followed by a digital intake with a validated 30 min questionnaire and finalized with the establishment of a small core team.
Localized LCM stragetic direction
The LCM strategic direction is determined to enable focused innovative thinking on the future value creation and timing in a diverse range of local settings.
Cross-functional sprint
The cross-functional team meets for a 1-day sprint session to brainstorm creative opportunities and tactics within the LCM strategic direction.
Prioritized Value Creators
The methodology enables accelerated prioritization and planning across functions for local, regional and/or global NPV and business case development.
Execute Brand Value Plan
The outcomes enable fast execution. These are effectively and transparent integrated in the overall brand value plan.