Digital platform

E2E Lifecycle management & Value Creation

Consistent value creation across the lifecycle to sustain efficient and effective growth across the entire product lifecycle.

Our solutions

In the Digital Platform a robust array of Digital solutions, documented best practices, “playbooks,” and LifeCycle management tools is available to determine the best opportunities at each stage of the lifecycle.

Growth Acceleration

Your product is several years on the market and requires a revision of the value creators to accelerate growth in each competitive market.

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Line extensions

Systematic cross functional analysis of the opportunities versus profitability reduces the development burden, resulting in better use of resources and a proven better ROI.

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LOE preparation

LOE almost always causes a precipitous decline in sales on average.  However, it’s not the end of the line. Focused efforts may preserve meaningful value for the brand. For this reason  LOE should be strategically planned for and managed.

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Post LOE acceleration

Following Loss of Exclusivity many brands have proven to continue to be successful. Although (multiple) competitors are on the market, with a focused marketing strategy multiple opportunities can be still available

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