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New Product Planning

New product planning is already complicated enough. When planning for a new product launch, it’s important to have a well defined product with its well defined ‘must have’ value creators in place per key market

Digital Toolboxes


The New Product Planning space is an area with numerous scientific and product related cross functional decisions. Dependent on the product characteristics, the market landscape and the prioritization within the company, cross functional decisions need to be taken transparent and efficiently on the key ‘must have’ value creators.

Within the Digital Platform we have toolboxes in place to tackle the key decisions on value creation in a timely manner. Step-by-step we take you through a fit-for-purpose project plan to prioritize and support the early product and value creation planning and launch.

New product planning

Toolbox 1: NPP Value Creation

This innovative, validated toolbox helps to strenghthen the NPP strategy (incl. TPP) and determines the ‘must have’ value creators for launch. This digital toolbox combines the market landscape, product characteristics and company capabilities to define the total set of value creators at launch per market. Beneficial is the determination which markets share which value creators to increase execution efficiency.

New product planning

Toolbox 2: NPP status assessment

The NPP status assessment digital toolbox pressure-tests the existing product launch readiness plan for gaps and opportunities to accelerate. This toolbox supports the cross functional Product Development and Asset teams (and leaders) to quickly understand prioritization of next steps to reduce time to market.

New product planning

Toolbox 3: DP and SKU set up

This digital toolbox accelerates the cross functional alignment to determine the most optimal DP and SKU set up at global and market level for launch without missing out on (future) opportunities. Optimalisation of the product portfolio to the ‘must have’ DP and SKU forms may reduce costs and increase speed to market.




New Product Planning: Early development asset, 2 years to launch