About us

The partners of Launch & LifeCycle have a life science career in the pharmaceutical industry. This is where we learned the importance of truly understanding HCP’s, payers’ and patients’ needs. Most of us have spent more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry across a wide range of commercial roles, countries, regions and global HQ’s.

With a proven track record of delivering results, we are creative and innovative in strategic value creation and mobilization of teams. We can be bold when needed, always with the positive intent to help others to grow their skills and capabilities.

Our passion lays in New product planning and Lifecycle management. We tend to call it ‘Be Ahead Of The Waves’. From new product planning and launch preparation to post LoE value creation, making the right decisions at the right moment for the right markets is the key to maximize product performance across the entire product lifecycle.

With an analytical and blackbelt skillset, we learned that digital toolsets and underlying algorithms can accelerate the multifunctional decision thinking and reduce the process burden, resulting in better use of resources and a proven better ROI. At Launch&LifeCycle all of this comes together to serve patients.